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A Day in the Life of a JRE employee

Hi there, my name is Taylor and I've loved working for Jenn this past year and a half. When she asked me to write a little feature on myself for her readers to get to know staff, I was a little hesitant at first. But hey, this could be fun! Keep reading for juicy details about Jenn (totally kidding), embarrassing stories, and a look at why I love my job. I am a recent college grad, coffee addict, Pinterest-lover, and engaged to my handsome fiancé. Below are a few engagement pictures taken in New Orleans just because here at JRE, we love a good proposal.

Q&A with JRE employee Taylor

Q: How did you first learn about Jenn Robirds Events?

A: My fiancé actually found the job listing online, knew I would love it, and made me apply! After my interview, I was so excited and hopeful. "Weddings?" I thought. "I can do weddings." I had no idea how much I would learn, how much hard work it would be, and how much I would love working with JRE!

Q: Tell us a funny story from a wedding you have worked.

A: Once a bridesmaid thought that I was Jenn's daughter (Jenn, the woman NOT old enough physically or physiologically to have a 22-year-old daughter). Upon telling her this, she was slightly offended the rest of the day. But it made for a funny story to spread among staff, and in Jenn's defense, the bridesmaid definitely had a few drinks in her!

Q: What advice would you give to recently engaged brides?

A: Hire a coordinator! No, Jenn did not slip me a twenty to say that. Before working for Jenn and seeing first-hand how helpful a coordinator can be, I assumed my organizational skills and stubborn will to make things perfect would be enough to plan and execute my dream wedding. While I could take what I have learned in this field and try to do it on my own, I wouldn't think of it! Even the most well-prepared and organized bride needs a little support, especially day of. Unfortunately, things will go wrong, but that is where the expertise of a coordinator comes in. On wedding days here at JRE, we see it all. Vendors don't show, wind has this weird desire to sabotage all things pretty, the rings are missing, the generator is shot, the bar ran out of ice, should I go on? I have witnessed every one of those things that are totally out of the bride's control, but we gracefully fixed every. single. hiccup. Now I bet previous JRE brides reading this are wondering if their wedding was featured on that fun list (No girl, your wedding was seamless!) .

Q: Tell us an embarrassing story from an event you have worked:

A: While working a very upscale event at a new 4-star hotel in Sacramento, I was at the front checking wrist bands. When a gentleman walked right passed me without flashing his wrist band, I thought to myself. "who does he think he is?" When I jogged to catch up to him and quickly asked to see his wrist, he informed me that he, in fact, owned the hotel. Oops!

Alright, enough about me; if you've made it this far, props to you. Thank you for reading about my experience at Jenn Robirds Events and I hope you have been equally as impacted by our company!

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